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Height 5’ 11” - Weight 170 lbs.

Eyes Green - Hair Blond - Voice Baritone



The Merry Wives of Windsor


Arsenic and Old Lace


Hypsteria (World Premiere)

Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley

Is He Dead?

Chamber Music

Dontcha Think? (World Premiere)

Rose of Treason

The Gentleman

Sir Hugh Evans

Steve Hutchinson

Officer Abe Klein


Josh Kimball

Adult Scrooge 

Jean-François Millet

The Man in White

Kevin Lee Brandon

Hans Scholl

Maverick Theatre Company

Bare Bones Shakespeare

Maverick Theatre Company

Pocket Sandwich Theatre

Trinity Music

TeCo Theatrical Productions

Theatre Arlington

The Muse Theatre Workshop

Maverick Theatre Company

SceneShop Productions

The Muse Theatre Workshop

Sam Wierick

Julia Gayden Nelson

Austin Bender

Stephanie Jackson

Mike Hathaway

Gail Cronauer

Bill Sizemore

Jayme Snow

Dr. Dennis Maher

Dr. Natalie Gaupp

Pam Kasinger


B.A. Theatre and B.A. Philosophy - University of Texas at Arlington (2019)


Acting: Dr. Julienne Greer, Prof. Laurel Whitsett – UT Arlington

Singing: Dr. Katherine Noone, Dr. Alison Stanford - UT Arlington

Master Classes: Andrew Lippa (Acting for Musical Theatre), Royal Brantley (Acting), Stephen Crandel (Stage Combat)

Special Skills

Dialects: RP English, Cockney, Irish, Brooklyn

Other: Advanced Yoyo Player, Horseback Riding, Rapping, Licensed Driver, Valid Passport, Sewing (Hand and Machine)

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